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More than ten years ago, a palestinian radio and tv was likely to be an impossible dream under the hateful Israeli occupation which suppressed free expression trying to impose its own fake side of the story .
The impossible came true.Palestine had a radio and TV station on its land to carry the message of its giant,steady citizen and the Palestinian.

PBC came to being as the lighthouse which shined in the sky of Palestine carrying the voice and image worldwide after a long occupation.

The foundation decree was declared by Mr. President Yasser Arafat by an issue carrying No. (40506)in Tunisia on 6/7/1993 , President Arafat assigned Radwan Abu Ayyash for the mission of establishing the
 corporation .

The legality of having a palestinian TV and Radio was also mentioned in the principles declaration agreement signed between the Palestinian Liberation Organization PLO, and the Israeli government on 13/9/1993 emphasizing the importance of the PBC role in stability and comprehensive peace.

PBC had its first breakthrough in Palestine on July 2nd,1994 .This step was a complementary of the palestinian long radio marsh across Arab capitals and in Diaspora which can be traced as follows:

After the Arab Summit’s decision to establish PLO-,Voice of Palestine started off transmission from Cairo on 1/3/1965, moved to Amman under the name ‘Zamzam 105’ in the mid 1969s, until September, 1970 when it moved to Der’a in 1971 till 1973 .Then to Algeria and Baghdad in 1969 , to San’a and Adan, 1973-1974, to Beirut in 1975, it also transmitted from Terran- Albania . After that, Voice of Palestine joined ‘Sawt Alasefa’ Radio programs carrying its name .

 In 1972, all “Sawt Alasifa’s” programs were transmitted from ‘Sawt Filastin’ station as an application of the decision which unified the media activities of the palestinian resistance.

It is a national public civil institution that forms a main part in the construction of the palestinian society through its way to achieve the independent state

 As the result of the occupation policy which aims to destroy the infrastructure of the Palestinian Authority ,the palestinian media has always been a target:
The Israeli forces occupied the transmission station in Ramallah in 13/12/2001 ;the station was shelled at dawn , military tanks demolished the station, took off trees , then a special engineering military force exploded the 240 - meter long transmission tower causing cutting off the AM radio transmission on 675 kilo hertz.

Despite that attack ,Voice of Palestine resumed at local FM wave ,90.,7 kilo hertz.
That transmission tower was one of the historical, common ,famous locations for the citizens of Ramallah and Albeireh and other districts.

The destroyed transmission station was built in 1938 at the beginning of the British Mandate to strengthen the transmission of the Near East Radio, then was used by the Jordanian Radio, then by Israel (after 1967 for military and broadcast purposes after confiscating the palestinian wave on frequency (738 kilo hertz ).

After Israel withdrew from Ramallah ,the station was restored by the Voice of Palestine in 1995.

There was another attack on the same location on 12/10/2000 when it was shelled by the Israeli Apatchi ,it was not functional for one month then resumed on local waves.

On 20/11/2000, again the Israeli planes shelled the tv transmittor ,the satellite station , the radio transmitter station ‘second program ‘in Gaza.

In Jenin ,a private Israeli troop broke into the tv transmission building on 28/2/2002 , they began shooting and throwing bombs ,then exploded all the transmission devices .

 And once again, on the 19th January ,2002 ,the Israeli tanks broke into the PBC. soldiers put explosives in the rooms of the five-story building,then exploded the place with all its contents by the remote control after they confiscated some files and equipment.
In one of their countless mean crimes, flames broke out at the dawn , ‘I could see aching faces through flames , enemies faces were their too’.They burned the dream , yet, it grew in hearts.

Mr. Radwan Abu Ayyash PBC Chairman had commented on this last crime"
"Flames were everywhere , loss was too big .

The destruction of equipment will not lead to mute the palestinian voice, PBC is still working".
‘Our voice and image raged them, that’s why they spread lies and accusations of incitement, threatened, and jammed transmission frequencies, but their hopeless effort are still going astray.

In brief ,we are staying and carrying out the message that we inherited from our prophets and ancestors . We are the winners , and tomorrow our voice and picture will be even louder and more beautiful'.

"We defend our freedom ,hopes, and holy land ; we are the voice and image of martyrs and wounded , yet ,they shelled the air that carried those dreams and voices; first in Ramallah ,then in Gaza, then once again  they sneaked to the PBC building in ramallah and destroyed it'.

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